“I was born and raised here and I’ve spent my entire life in this community. This is home – I know the people andI know what we have to attract good paying jobs, improve our schools, and protect our values. I’m not running to represent special interests –I’m running to represent you.”

A lifelong member of our community,Ron has devoted his life to this area. He is a member of the VFW, America Legion, and an associate member of the FOP lodge #25. He is a first responder and a member of several local fire companies, a member of the NorthumberlandCounty General Authority Board, and volunteers for the Mount CarmelLions Club meals on wheels and theCelebration of Special Athletes. Ron understands the values of our area – hard work, self reliance, and a willingness to help when people are in need. These are the values that Ron will take to Harrisburg with him. Ron is running to be a champion for working people – standing up for our values and prioritizing creating opportunities for the residents of our area. Ron believes we have what it takes to improve our area – but we need conservative outsiders who will fight for our values to lead the charge.

That is what Ron Tanney will do for us.  


A lifelong member of our community, Ron has devoted his life to this area. He is involved with many organizations throughout the community, including being an associate member of the FOP Lodge #25. He is a graduate of Mount Carmel Area High School and attended Luzerne County Community College. Ron is an avid outdoorsman where he enjoys hunting and fly fishing. 


Ron is running for office because he’s seen what happens when government overreach effects small businesses and our community. As our next State Representative, Ron will uphold our values in Harrisburg and put our families first. He will fight to protect jobs for the working families in our community and provide more funding to schools to ensure a quality education for our children. With a background in juvenile justice, Ron will work to keep our streets safe and always support members of law enforcement. 


For the past 24 plus years, Ron has worked in the Juvenile Justice Industry helping to reform our youth in the community. He served in many capacities in this industry, most recently as an Admission Liaison for Adelphoi Village covering Eastern, PA. Ron is a volunteer first responder and member of several local fire companies. He is a volunteer for the Mount Carmel Lions Club meals on wheels and the Celebration of Special Athletes.

for Our Working Families.
He’ll Put Us First for a Change.

Bring Good Paying Jobs To Our Area
Ron knows that we have a workforce that can compete with any area of the state or country, and he plans to put into place changes that will make it easier to attract jobs.  Ron will fight to lessen regulation, lower taxes on small business, and make sure no one can take away their liberty like Tom Wolf did during COVID.  

Improve Our Schools
Ron will fight to empower our parents and focus our education system on students rather than special interests. Ron will end Critical Race Theory, fight for more funding for our schools, make all curriculum public, and give parents choices so they can find the best education for their kids.

Stand Up For Our Conservative Values
Ron will protect the rights of the unborn, Stand up for the Second Amendment, and take on the woke left who want to divide our country and attack our conservative values.  Ron will fight to limit government growth and the encroachment on our liberties.  

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